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FORENSIC expert witness and litigation support

When issues arise involving your roof, deck, water leakage, or other related problems, you need a proven expert to support your claim. This is especially true if the issue ends up creating a court case. AWS Consultants Inc. is ready to assist you when you are in need of building exterior forensics anywhere in our service area.

Our roof reports have been helpful in a variety of different legal matters. Some of the various cases we have worked on include:

Law Office of Joseph Fischbach, ESQ. Vs. Wilshire Plaza Condominium Association
This homeowners association had experienced some water intrusions at various locations of a mid-rise condominium. The association sued the general contractor, who passed the claims on to multiple sub-contractors. AWS was retained by the defendant to evaluate the plaintiff's claim for $1.2 million for the replacement of all the roofs.

Law Office of Adams & O'Coin LLP, Scott Houtz, ESQ. Vs. Briarcliff Homeowners Association
The condominium association experienced leaks at the upper-level units, presumably from the two-year-old roof covering. AWS was retained by the plaintiff's counsel, Scott Houtz, to investigate and report sources of the leaks. AWS provided a visual and invasive testing protocol showing the cause of the water intrusions was from faulty workmanship.

Contractor Installing a Roof

Law Firms We've Worked With

  • Fiore, Walker, Powers
  • Ronald Steinbach
  • Joseph Fischbach
  • Dan Zimberoff, ESQ
  • Adams & O'Coin LLP
  • Sildorf & Levine LLP
  • Peters & Freedman Law

Things to Keep in Mind

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) actually suggests that the best way to assure a quality roofing job is performed is to make sure there is a continuous inspection of the work-in-progress from the beginning until the end. Most warranty claims are denied due to poor workmanship not meeting the manufacturer's specifications. Liability insurance also may not cover negligence by contractors. So it is always imperative to work with a team like ours when you are re-roofing or having a new roof installed.