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Commercial Roof

Roof Consultation Services

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your property is to reach out to AWS Consultants Inc. for our roof consultation services. When you choose us, we will inspect your roofs, to guide you towards the best installation processes and materials to help you get the maximum value from your investment. AWS can perform onsite water testing per ASTM Standards for windows, doors, etc., to verify these critical elements are not leaking before building commissioning.

It is our goal to help you use your money wisely. This includes assisting you with short-term and long-term budget planning assistance for roofing-related projects, discussing financing options, and even performing roof condition surveys to give you an idea of what work your roof will need and approximately when to expect to schedule the project.

Roofing Surveys,
Evaluations, & Reports

The first step in figuring out what your roof needs is to understand its current condition. Once you hire our firm, we perform a complete inspection to determine any potential re-roofing requirements. Every part of your roof is reviewed during this process, including all sheet metal and flashing. You are then provided with a detailed, written report that features our findings as well as photos of the problem areas. Our consultants tell you the condition of your roof, the repairs needed, and the life expectancy of the existing weather protection systems.

Material Selection & Budget

Once you know the condition of your roof or deck, it is easier to start to plan what needs to be done to improve it. After the initial evaluation, our team discusses our findings with you, so you know if you need to repair or replace anything. Using our extensive knowledge about the many products currently on the market, we then guide you towards the best options to meet your budget and style needs.

Roofing Materials

Contractor With a Clipboard

Bid Administration & Specifications

Finding the best contractor to work on your project can be a real challenge if you aren't sure what to look for in terms of experience, price, and ability. Thankfully, our team does know. We help you find and hire the best contractor for your job by showing bidders your roof during a job walk and providing them with a project manual. This manual includes:

  • Instructions for Bidding
  • Rules for Working On-site
  • Custom Specifications for the Products Selected
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Warranty Requirements
  • Drawings Pertinent to the Installation

The bidding process will then be made using sealed bids, which are opened by you and a member of our team at a designated time. We will then help you compare the different contractors and make our suggestions for the best option to perform your work.

Quality Assurance Observation & Project Administration

You aren't left high and dry once you've chosen the best contractor for the job. Our team provides full or part-time onsite observation during the installation process to note any problems and verify quality workmanship. Through daily logs and photographs, we are able to keep you up-to-date on the progress as well as any issues that may come up. If needed, we can also verify the contractor complies with their contract and conforms to building codes, industry standards, and the product manufacturer's instructions. AWS can perform onsite water testing per ASTM Standards for windows, doors, etc., to verify these critical elements are not leaking before building commissioning.

Our firm holds a pre-construction conference with the selected contractor to verify they understand the job specifications. We also verify they understand the quality control requirements and the needs of the existing building occupants. Reach out to us to learn more about how our team works for you throughout the entire process of your project.