Contractor Bids in California, Arizona & Nevada

Make sure you hire the best contractor for the job with help from AWS Consultants Inc. Our company helps you find the perfect roofing company by hosting construction bids.
Apartments, Construction Bids in Santa Ana, CA
Building Interior, Construction Bids in Santa Ana, CA
Metal Roofing Structure, Construction Bids in Santa Ana, CA

Bid Administration & Specifications

With this service, we will show the bidders your roof during a job walk and provide them with a Project Manual, which includes:
•  Custom Specifications for the Products Selected •  Rules for Working Onsite
•  Drawings Pertinent to the Installation •  Instructions for bidding
•  Insurance Requirements •  Warranty Requirements
The bidding process itself will be made by sealed bids, which will be opened by you and a member of our team at a designated time. We will then help you compare them and select your contractor.

Quality Assurance Observation & Project Administration

Once you've chosen the best contractor for the job, we provide full or part-time onsite observation during the installation process, so we can note any problems and verify quality workmanship. We will maintain a log of any problems and take current photos, if needed. We will also verify the contractor complies with their contract and conforms to product manufacturer's instructions, building codes and industry standards.

Our firm holds a pre-construction conference with the selected contractor to verify they understand the job specifications. We also verify they understand the quality control requirements and the needs of the existing building occupants.

Contact us to request a quote from our company and to learn more about construction bids.